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Sustainable Brands Buenos Aires 2016

Activating purpose in action

September 13th & 14th @ La Usina del Arte

The largest learning and inspiration community on sustainability and global brands come to Buenos Aires for the third consecutive year. Various formats and renewed trends, proposals and opportunities to change the way we do business and create sustainable value will be explored in Sustainable Brands Buenos Aires on September 13 & 14 th @ La Usina del Arte.

The guiding theme this year will be the "Activating your purpose", ie, how brands / leading companies achieve success in business while creating a positive and scalable impact, guided by a drivable purpose and shared value. This topic will be addressed from five themes: Purpose Macro Level, Leadership and Organizational Change, Impact Innovation, Engagement through Creating Shared Value and How to raise our collective purpose.

Between the confirmed speakers so far, there will be Gunter Pauli, the renowned creator of the Blue Economy, an economic model that intends to use the accumulated knowledge over millions of years from nature to achieve increasingly higher levels of efficiency, respecting the environment and creating wealth, and taking that logic from the ecosystem to the business world. There will also be as speakers Daniela Pigosso, cofounder of Essensus, who will speak on sustainable maturity, Danielle Nierenberg, president of Food Tank and expert on sustainable agriculture and food, Mark Johnson from Playing for Change, Solitaire Townsend, cofounder of the international sustainability strategy Futerra and Tamar Hahn, Information Center Director of United Nations in Argentina and Uruguay.

After the success of the two previous years, this edition comes with a novelty in the purchase of tickets. This is the "Inputs Purpose" which, under the format "Buy 1 Give 1" proposed that per-individual input or corporative- being acquired, there will be a no cost placce to generate a change agent. For this benefit, applicants must register on the website and prove the membership of an organization or project with social or environmental impact.

Sustainable Brands is a global conference network that includes San Diego, London, Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Istanbul, Sydney and Copenhagen. Like the previous edition, it is organized by URBAN Communication Group, together with Sustainable Life Media and a wide network of collaborators and sponsors from Argentina and the world.

" Sustainable Brands seek to add value to the conversation and inspiration on Trades and Sustainability, and thus contribute to awaken new ideas and exchanges that make way for major changes in the way we do business and build meaningfully for those brands," says Gabriela Korovsky, founding partner of Urban Communication Group and General Director from Sustainable Brands Buenos Aires.

For two days, Sustainable Brands Buenos Aires released this year new formats that seek to prioritize collective action, combining plenary sessions, panel discussions, workshops, thematic sessions, open dialogues, speaking corners and instances of networking, with the conviction that only the co-creation and coordination of participants work is what allows real change. In turn, will combine an exhibition on national and international initiatives of companies that are already transforming the business environment.

Participants also have the opportunity to attend international conferences, in which the change agents linked to the most influential companies in the world will take place. It will be a space for joint interaction between corporations, NGOs, investors, governments, and other stakeholders.

For more information go to: http://sustainablebrandsba.com

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